Music In Movies

Music is something that drives, motivates and empowers millions to make and create. Music supplements love, passion and joy. Think about movies and how they amplify messages and emotions. Below is a breakdown of types of music for each major movie genre:

  1. Scary & Horror

Every time you watch a horror movie, pretty much any one of them, the music factor is present in every scene that includes something that defines horror. Remember that scene when Jason (or whatever his name was) attacked each victim and the time he was approaching them? The music was very sharp and fairly loud, all to amplify what was going on in the scene.

  1. Funny & Comedy

Totally love watching comedy! Most of the time, things like stand-ups and shows don’t have any specials effects, other than maybe clapping if the comedian isn’t all that good, but movies definitely include music to scenes that need it. For example fart noises and sounds of failure as I like to call them, definitely add a special effect and make you laugh.

  1. Cartoon & Kids

Remember watching cartoons? Same ones your kids are watching TODAY! Almost every scene has a musical background to create more emotions whether it’s excitement or anger. If you haven’t yet, go ahead and watch a few, you’ll see what we’re talking about. None of those will make you cry, but definitely cause laughter and joy.

  1. Love & Romance

Oh, those love movies. makes you think of Romeo and Juliet huh? Explainable, but those are just the types of movies, that have love scenes supplemented by appropriate music. Go ahead, watch some love movies and post in comment names of only those that have music backgrounds with love scenes. There are two types of scenes when romantic music is appropriate: when romantic actions are happening and the talking and hugging all the way to kissing and end of scene.. As soon as the two begin to kiss music changes to slower pace and it doesn’t fail!

  1. Action & Adventure

Action movies are the best! It’s like the orchestra just keep on playing, otherwise the movie becomes boring and viewers leave the theater. You see, the music is usually necessary when there is no conversation going on, which is the case with action movies. Adventure genre is a bit different and only has soundtrack playing when action happens, there’s just a bit more talking involved.

  1. Thriller & Suspense

All of us have heard of suspenseful music before, and movies are just the reason why. Nobody is going to listen to it on the way to work or school, because there is simply no point or message. It’s just a set of sound that in conjunction with certain scenes make your heart beat in suspense.

There are many more movie genres out there and we won’t be covering all of them today, so hopefully you are seeing where all this is coming from. Watch the films and pay attention to those scenes, then feel free to comment. If, for some reason, you’re not seeing appropriate scenes accompanied by music, feel free to comment below, including movie, time of scene and how that made you feel.

These posts are for you to utilize. We write for your pleasure each and every time. Support and idea for this post was received from Matt in Little Rock, Arkansas. He owns a tree service company in the area and is a music fanatic just like us. He emailed us after watching one of the recently released action movies.

Thank you, Matt and all our readers for continuous support.