Adventures from my niece

My niece have written this story a while back and I believe it’s beautiful and couldn’t resist sharing it with everyone here:

It was another beautiful day in the countryside. The low was sixty-seven degrees and the high was a surprisingly low number of ninety two. It was the first week of summer break and I was ready for an adventure. Finally, my senior summer.

I wanted it to be the best one yet. My friends and I had talked about taking some type of trip this summer and finally decided our first adventure would be to the canyon camping grounds about four hours away. My friends Jesse and Court, along with myself had spent weeks on end planning the perfect trip. Today was the day and I was shaking with excitement. We had agreed upon taking Courtney’s new truck whom she had named Pelon.

I heard a honk outside my house alerting me that my friends had made their grand entrance. I grabbed my large blue and white polka dot duffel bag and yelled goodbye to my parents. I was more than ready for a weekend of no rules and crazy adventures. Once I was in the car we were ready to hit the road. However, knowing Courtney there would be a few stops first. On the way out of my neighborhood, she of course had to stop by her boyfriends house and say goodbye for the LONGG time apart from him. (The long time being over twenty four hours long.) Then we had to stop at the store for any items the three of us had forgotten, one of them being a toothbrush for Jesse and hot fries for Courtney.

(She cannot live without them.) Our final stop was at the gas station to fill up the truck. I ran inside to grab a few sodas and waters for the four hour drive ahead. We were finally completely ready to hit the road. Four hours later, we finally arrived. We found a parking spot close to the campsite and gathered all of our things out of the truck. It was only about a ten minute walk till we found the perfect spot. We began to set up our tent and build a fire. Although it was hot, we would need to cook something for our dinner.

By the time we were done figuring out how to put the tent together, it was nearly 6pm. We were all starving, aside from Courtney with her hot fries that is. None of us had ever cooked using just a fire and we were all quite perplexed. We decided to go with the easiest thing in our cooler, hot dogs. We found some long sticks lying around and shoved the hot dogs onto the ends. We roasted the hot dogs over the fire and took out the buns and any condiments we had brought. Honestly, they were some of the best hot dogs I have ever eaten.

We sat around the fire telling stories from senior year until the sun set. We were right by the canyon and the sunset was one of the most breathtaking sights I have ever seen. It was the perfect end to a perfect night.

This post was written by my niece and made possible thanks to the towing service of Richmond, VA. They have been one of our most generous contributors!